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Strength, Forgetfulness and a Thousand Memories


Where you see old age, I see a life that hasn’t been wasted

Where you see frailty, I see a strength that remains untainted

And although you think you see forgetfulness, the memories are clear

You believe you can see all these things, but you are blind my dear.


They have laughed over a thousand times more,

And experienced great love and great pain that you couldn’t endure

Seen things that would inspire you, if you weren’t so blind

Tell you stories of their mistakes that might help you change your mind.


They‘ve been there and done that, you weren’t the first

They have sobbed in the night and contemplated the worst

They have wished upon the same stars as you and I

They have had hopes and dreams and watched them die


A life of silent promises, broken hearts and internal debts

Lost opportunities, spiteful confrontations and regrets

Tears hidden in the dark, eyes cast upwards asking why?

Letters from a lover, sealed with a lie


But what breath-taking things they’ve witnessed on the way

The miracles and changes that we take for granted everyday

Ask me what I want in life and this is what you’ll be told

“There is nothing that could be more fulfilling then living to be really old”



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