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Testing the benefits of the Transition Resettlement Programme to AP Residents

Monday, March 18th 2019

Transition is a short Resettlement Programme designed specifically for those who are over the age of 50 and in a custodial setting. The Programme has been delivered in a number of prisons across England on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis.

We’ve recently taken the programme into Approved Premises on a pilot basis to test what the benefits were to Residents. 

The Programme includes sessions which focus on the needs of older people on release and include  planning for retirement, independent living skills, technology, building new community networks of support, volunteering, benefits, pensions, health, well-being and disclosure.  It also provides an action plan / toolkit for managing the triggers for re-offending post release.  A variety of activities, including independent, pairs and group-work, as well as an interactive drama and out-of-class methods, are used to aid the differing learning styles.

Feedback from staff at The Crescent (Probation Approved Premises) endorses the value of the Transition programme to its residents:

“I was able to sit in and observe session 1/3 of the RECOOP 50+ Resettlement programme.  It was positive to observe a session tailored to a specific and seemingly growing group of men.  The nature of the material covered was varied but always relevant to the audience.  Tracy, in delivering the programme, was keen to pace the sessions in a manner which would suit the attendees and she was keen to encourage the residents to share experiences and offer their own point of view.  This seemed to provide an atmosphere where the residents felt comfortable, not only supporting each other, but also challenging options in a constructive manner.  Overall, I was impressed with the material and delivery of the programme”.  Paul Grace | Approved Premises PSO

“I found the RECOOP course to be very comprehensive and relevant to our men over 50.  It is clear and concise and covers topics that are important to our residents. The materials are very clear and well put together and easy to follow. There are parts for the men to fill in and think about and also a lot of interaction throughout. I would highly recommend the course for all and I even I found parts very useful as I attended two of the days of the course”.    Jackaleen Baker | Approved Premises PSO

“This type of programme really provides a focus for the men some of whom have spent a very long time in prison and who have lost track of the world outside.  It also seems to fit well with the work NPS does with the men – it links to the Probation Officer’s work and the AP staff who work with the men too – so we thought it was an excellent course and we know that the men did too”. Sarah Megan | Approved Premises Manager

The residents themselves found the Programme to be most beneficial, as one resident commented:

"I now have the knowledge and am more confident.  I have always been very positive on resettlement, but now even more so.  I’m looking forward now as I’ve got more tools from this course”.  Resident, The Crescent AP

If you would like to learn more about Transition, please contact us:

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