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‘Achieving Better Outcomes’

Tuesday, December 13th 2016 - Jane Wilkes, RECOOP

RECOOP has used its learning from the recently completed NOMS-funded research project (“To assess the need and ability of prisons and Approved Premises to adapt their regimes to meet the needs of older offenders”) in order to further develop our staff training and awareness raising sessions.

We have developed ‘Achieving Better Outcomes’ training to enable the sessions to meet the needs of those who work with older people within the criminal justice system, whether it be in prisons, NPS/CRC staff or 3rd Sector organisations.  The focus of the 3-hour training sessions is to increase staff confidence to provide the right support for older people.

The first prison to take up the new training was HMP Ford, where the session was delivered in November to a group of 15 staff and one prisoner. It was great to have a prisoner there as well and we would encourage all prisons who access this training to consider whether it would be useful to provide a place for those involved with supporting older people.

Evaluation and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with all 16 participants reporting that knowledge gained would assist them within their roles:

 “Should be mandatory training, not just for those who express an interest.”

“Very informative, picked up good tips.”

“Trainer very informative which made it a good lesson.”

“Learnt new things about ailments and how to notice and manage these.”

“Gained an understanding into older people's memory workings.”

We have received many enquiries regarding our ‘Achieving Better Outcomes’ training and, as the number of older people continues to rise within the criminal justice system, we would encourage prisons, NPS, CRC’s and 3rd Sector organisations to consider booking sessions, particularly in the absence of mandatory training.

Jane Wilkes - Regional Partnership Manager

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