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Ladies behind bars making a difference

Wednesday, July 19th 2017 - RECOOP

Ladies behind bars in England can and DO make a difference to children and families who have lost their home, country, family, possessions, safety and security.

During one of the Rubies’ sessions (day centre for the over 50s at HMP Eastwood Park established and run by RECOOP), a Ruby expressed her distress and compassion for the refugee children in Greek camps that she had witnessed whilst watching a TV programme.

“If only I could do something” she exclaimed.

As there is no such thing as “we can’t” in the Rubies’ dictionary, a new project was born.

Alma Hageman, RECOOP Project Worker, made contact with one of the Greek Refugee Camps and the Rubies click-clacked away with their knitting needles and crochet hooks.

The first two parcels, sent to refugee children stranded on the Greek island of Chios, 5 miles west of Turkey, left in January 2017 and contained warm baby hats and cardigans.  The next two parcels included knitted toys and the 5th, which is almost ready to be despatched, contains more baby cardigans, hats, toys and bags.

Not only is it “needed and loved by the children” (as it said in the thank you letter the Rubies were thrilled to receive) but it gives meaningful activity and enhancement of self-esteem to the Rubies.

Yes, it is possible: ladies behind bars in England can and DO make a difference.





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