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“Provision for older prisoners by The Lobster Pot was outstanding”.

Tuesday, August 1st 2017 - RECOOP

The Lobster Pot (over 50’s Day Centre established and run by RECOOP at HMP Leyhill) was mentioned favourably numerous times in the recently published (26th June 2017) IMB Report:

“The whole area under the auspices of the Lobster Pot is thriving. OFSTED viewed the Lobster Pot’s work as “excellent” and HMCIP’s Report termed it “an excellent resource, providing a creative range of activities, support and assessment of need”.  These judgements reflect the Board’s own independent perceptions gathered week in, week out.  As a model of good practice, the Lobster Pot is visited by staff from other prisons and in the Board’s experience such visitors have been hugely impressed.”

“The outstanding innovative and committed work for the older prisoners continued apace, based on the Lobster Pot.  In an attempt to engage those elderly prisoners who do not yet attend, the RECOOP team extended their visiting to the Residential Units, the range of activities was broadened still further and publicity was widened”.

“The Lobster Pot once again provided an ever more varied programme of activities for the over 50s prisoners, who make up 52% of the total prison complement.  Each of the three daily sessions offered are regularly attended by some 50 or so prisoners.  Over the year, this important facility experienced a total footfall of over 43,000 to these daily sessions”.

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