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‘Transition’ Resettlement course developed for community delivery

Wednesday, January 2nd 2019

In September 2018, RECOOP announced it had won funding from Innovation Wessex to develop its ‘Transition’ Resettlement course for community delivery and the team used the funding to trial the programme in a number of National Probation Service Approved Premises in the South West.

The programme includes sessions on planning for retirement, independent living skills, technology, building new community networks of support, volunteering, benefits, pensions, health, well-being and disclosure.  It also provides an action plan / toolkit for managing the triggers for re-offending post release.  A variety of activities, including independent, pairs and group-work, as well as an interactive drama and out-of-class methods, are used to aid the differing learning styles. The programme continues to evolve based on learning feedback and new modules have recently been added to fill new emerging gaps, including online shopping and bereavement & loss.

Nine participants completed the programme and the feedback above indicates the knowledge of each subject pre- and post-programme.  It is evident that residents gained benefits from each session and in particular, Healthy Eating and Exercise, Navigating Community Services, Volunteering and Disclosure.

RECOOP is taking the pilot of the programme to the North East in January and February, after which further development work for use the in the Community will be undertaken.

Transition’ is an affordable short programme, delivered at a pace that lends itself to the learning and engagement style of older people. There is little ‘lectern–type’ delivery with resources and delivery conducive with those older individuals that might be experiencing cognitive decline and appreciate a slower pace, together with resources having a larger font print.





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