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'A Different Sense of Time'

Tuesday, February 19th 2019

RECOOP has just published ‘A Different Sense of Time’, a publication which outlines its range of age-appropriate (50+) services to aid prisons find suitable regime adaptations for their growing older population. 

Many older prisoners have complex needs including sensory impairments, multiple healthcare needs, disabilities and poor mobility and are more likely to be retired and need meaningful activity and social connections. In many cases, older prisoners, who may be serving life sentences, or those who are brought to justice later in life, face the stark reality of the probability of dying in prison. 

The development of our activities are influenced by our service-users and key stakeholders within the prison service. Our over-arching aim is to reduce re-offending through the provision of meaningful activity, resettlement services and by addressing the health and social care inequalities faced by this hard to reach and marginalised group.

‘A Different Sense of Time’ highlights the unique needs of older prisoners in comparison to their younger counterparts and our services are tailored to meet this very different sense of time.

You can download a copy here.

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