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Prison Staff Testimonial


Our Older Persons population has been steadily rising for over a year. The distinct differences and needs of the Older Person as opposed to those of our younger prisoners have until recently not been met. Since we have had interventions from RECOOP our older population has been much happier and feel valued as people and also feel that as a group they are not being disadvantaged.
Their sessions are looked forward to so much that they talk about them all the time and discuss their activities with both staff and prisoners alike. For the first time in my prison career I have witnessed this unique group of prisoners happily serving their sentences whereas in the past they would be quite vulnerable and of a concern to staff.
Staff also now have a support network they can turn to with RECOOP where in the past none was available. I find this Intervention absolutely invaluable and a great support to both staff and prisoners.

Officer at one of the prisons in which we work

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Wednesday, October 16th 2019
In July, RECOOP was contacted by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention in Hong Kong (SRACP), a government recognised charitable organisation established in 1957.  SRACP provides a rehabilitation service for offenders and discharged prison...
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