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Service Users' Voices

Letter received from a Ruby on leaving Eastwood Park

"There is a great sense of trust, respect and understanding and above all caring, that we seem to pick up from you and learn to share.  It is a great comfort and support and helps to beat the terrible isolation and loneliness.  By you accepting us as we are ‘today’ we are learning to accept and value ourselves and this gives a feeling that a new beginning, even at our age, is possible!

Thank you for all your encouragement; it has given me new ideas about my future life.  I know I might be vulnerable, but I also dare to be brave!  And as you once said to me:  there is nothing bad about admitting that I need help from time to time and that it is OK to ask.

Keep this message going for all those Rubies that inevitably will follow me ‘inside’.

And do keep the wonderful group going.

With greetings and thanks to you all”.

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Wednesday, October 16th 2019
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