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Service Users' Voices

Volunteer 'Buddy' talks about his experience

After being in prison for a couple of weeks I was put on a list to join the over 50s group, I thought do I need that? But as I am 64 I did join. It is probably the best thing that I had done.  The people who run it tell you the true facts, not stories - they make you feel part of the outside world.  I have learnt so much. Firstly I didn’t talk about problems but RECOOP has given me the confidence to talk and I really enjoy helping others. During one session they asked for volunteers to help others in prison.  I was keen and this allowed me to offer help to others.   I have helped write letters, reading for people who cannot read. I did know that people couldn’t read or write but being in prison I now know that I am so fortunate. When I am released from prison I have offered my time to help others with RECOOP. I intend to put something back what I have learnt. I would like to say a big thank you to all those involved with RECOOP.

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Wednesday, October 16th 2019
In July, RECOOP was contacted by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention in Hong Kong (SRACP), a government recognised charitable organisation established in 1957.  SRACP provides a rehabilitation service for offenders and discharged prison...
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