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Collaborative poem written by the Rubies

"Here I am at 71:

Suddenly my freedom's gone.

Had my birthday in December –

Not a good one, I remember."


"Here I am at 51:

Suddenly I'm a creative one.

In the group I've learnt some knitting;

On the wing I'd just be sitting."


"Prison makes you tense and nervous;

Making things provides a purpose."

"This is a space that's safe from harm."

"I just like the peace and calm."


"Here we've come from every nation,

Much better for us than Education."

"Me, I like the company

And the real mugs for the tea."


"Rubies sparkle like the sun.

Alma is our Number One."

"Prison blues? - you can shove it:

I'm a Ruby and I love it!"



Written jointly by The Rubies Group

of prisoners aged over 50 at HMP Eastwood Park

with their RECOOP Worker, Alma Hageman

transcribed by Tim Robertson, Older Prisoners Researcher from Clinks

March 2018



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Wednesday, October 16th 2019
In July, RECOOP was contacted by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention in Hong Kong (SRACP), a government recognised charitable organisation established in 1957.  SRACP provides a rehabilitation service for offenders and discharged prison...
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