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Day Centres

As the older prisoner population continues to rise in prisons across England and Wales, there is an increasing need for prisons to provide activities that meet the needs of older people.  With this is mind, several prisons have built Day Centre provision into their regimes in which RECOOP are currently delivering, or have provided a regular service.

The benefits of a Day Centre cannot be under-estimated.  Occupying time of the older prisoner population is always a problem.  Too old to be in employment and some too frail to take part in other organised activities within the prison, many are left in their cells for too much of their time. 

A Day Centre offers them a space in which they can interact with others, be able to make good use of their time by taking part in sessions, sit and read a newspaper if they so choose, in a quiet, relaxed, safe environment and be given the opportunity of meeting people of a similar age and experience, which in itself is a new experience for some.

Purposeful activities are a vital way of giving older prisoners, who may be retired or have health needs that make it difficult to access the normal regime, key skills that help them during their time in custody and into resettlement.

The way older people think about quality of life and mental and emotional health is not that different to the way younger people think.  Most people need to feel useful, connected and able to contribute.  Whatever this means to an individual it is important to health and wellbeing.

In prison there are often insufficient activities for older prisoners and the pressures on prison staff can easily mean that there is little motivation to engage the older population in meaningful activity because they don’t shout the loudest.

Introducing new and purposeful activity can provide a sense of achievement, identity and contribution for both older prisoners and the prison staff working with this group of people.

The Justice Select Committee Inquiry into the treatment of older prisoners (2013) recommended that prisons should provide age-specific regimes to meet the needs of the older population.

As part of it’s Consultancy Service, RECOOP can work with prisons to develop and provide bespoke Direct Services for older prisoners.

Example of our current Direct Services:

“Lobster Pot” Model

  • Day Care Centre, delivered by RECOOP staff
  • Open 5 days a week to the older population
  • Primary function to facilitate resettlement of older prisoners
  • Focussing on the pathways: addressing attitudes, thinking and behaviour, accommodation, drugs and alcohol, children and families, health, education, training and employment and finance, benefit and debt.
  • The team were instrumental in developing the End of Life Care provision
  • Age Specific Personal Plans & Support delivered in conjunction with Personal Officers.
  • Future work will involve reviewing ROTL and Community placements for older prisoners.

The project identified the three following outcomes for the older prisoners:

  • Improved confidence, skills and personal resources to reintegrate successfully into society.
  • Increased personal responsibility for life choices and use life experiences to improve peer support.
  • Better prepared for end-of-life; peers are better supported when such events take place.

For further information about setting up your own Day Centre, please contact:

Thursday, June 11th 2020
COVID-19 has thrown up many challenges in all aspects of life, not least in prisons. There is a fear that the necessary, highly restrictive regimes put in place to combat the spread of coronavirus, will have a huge impact on the mental health of prisoners....
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